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January 26, 2014

Im a freshman at tabor this year and it has been an amazing experience. Yes its clique but everyone hangs out with everyone, its the preppy kids who think they are too cool for anyone. If you come to this school in the middle of the school year and the first week you make sure people know you everyone will be talking about how great you are. The school seems like there are a lot of people but we are actually small I think; Maybe I am used to it. We are a huge family and football games are amazing, I think everyone should go to them because of h2o. GO SPARTANS!

Submitted by a student

November 29, 2012

Mount Tabor is a great school. I attended school there and I would not have wanted to go anywhere else. My teachers cared about me and did anything they could to help me. Many people claim that the school is dangerous and has discipline issues. There may be fights on occasion but I never once felt as though I was in danger. The Athletics have a great tradition of being great. There is a lot of talk about tabor only being interested in its athletes but this is just not true. Every year Tabor sends kids to some of the best schools in the county. Tabor is more diverse in the socioeconomic category so the average grades are brought down but the top of classes are always very impressive. My classes valedictorian attended Duke and there were multiple students who went Ivy league. In conclusion Mt. Tabor is a wonderful school I would recommend that anyone send there children there. Don't be fooled by Reagan's shiny new buildings and boatload of new things that none of the other schools in the school system get for some mysterious reason. They are more focused on behavior of students then there grades and don't help kids when they fall behind I've heard this form many people. GO SPARTANS!!

Submitted by a student

February 25, 2012

Mount Tabor, year after year, receives honors for its JROTC, bands, arts, athletics and student athletes, academic teams and students awarded millions of dollars in scholarships...would not happen without dedicated teachers and supportive administrators and staff along with some well-mannered students! Many community service projects are lead by student leaders and faculty advisers... a food bank drive, Hanesbrands clothing drive, pet food drive, Darfur support, Red Cross blood drives twice a year, a community Goodwill drive and more. Let the specifics speak here...not just unfounded opinions! Volunteer to help us educate "other people's children" takes a village! Mount Tabor IS one of the better high schools in the country! My two daughters graduated from MTHS and I've taught there 12 years.

Submitted by a teacher

April 9, 2011

I have been a Tabor student for the past 3 years. It is not perfect, but I feel like it is my home, with that in mind, this is my first-hand opinion of the school. Academically I feel very challenged, but this isn't the case for every student, there is very little effort by teachers to teach standard classes with the same expectations that the students will at least try their best. Tabor continues to be very successful in theatre, chorus, visual art, band, and orchestra. I myself have been a proud member of an award-winning drama department for the past 2 years. This is running off PTA donations and chicken pie sales, mind you. The assistant principals are all simply overbearing and unapproachable, and the principal himself is very resistant to new ideas (like a Gay-Straight Alliance club that has started). Athletics are a point of pride, but I don't follow it closely, they win a lot. The school itself is a bit run down and unkempt, even in the newer section, and there isn't much technological advancement to speak of even when it seems to be taking over other nearby schools. While a lot can be improved, if I could go back, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Submitted by a student

September 21, 2010

Great academics, arts program, athletics, and staff!

December 14, 2009

Pros The new principal is more involved than the previous one. The athletic program is one of the best in the country and there are good programs for Honors, Seminar, and AP classes as well. The JROTC and Arts programs have walls of trophies. The majority of teachers seem to be highly qualified. There's an after-school activity for just about any interest: Charity, Arts, Ethnic Clubs etc. Cons Fights are common, requiring an armed police officer to be on campus on all times, and the building is generally poorly kept. We had half a dozen leaks during a recent storm. Even with a new buidling constructed 4 years ago, the school is overcrowded. From my personal experience, discipline is a joke, the ISS room I spent a day in for cell phone use was just free time and you can easily find students roaming the halls freely. Not the best test scores.

Submitted by a student

May 7, 2009

I am currently a student at Mount Tabor; it is my second year here. I entered Tabor as a freshmen who had never been to a public school before; I thought the transition would be impossible. I was completely wrong. Tabor, as a whole, made me feel completely welcome. The teachers are great (with the exception of one or two), the administration is willing to work with you, and you can almost always find a place amongst the students. Tabor offers great academics, and even better extra curricular activities. I would recommend this school to anyone. In fact, I'm a tranfer student who is currently trying to convince my friend to become one as well. Every school has its problems, and Tabor is no exception but it is honestly better than any private school I've ever been to.

Submitted by a student

January 10, 2008

Mt. Tabor overall is a good school. It has had top rankings in the country and state. It is a very oriented toward school sports. The arts have been neglected until the past couple of years. We knew the arts were on a comeback with Pajama Game, and they are getting better. Band gets all the attention, I have a child in band. Choir gets shifted to the side, but has been steadily improving-I had a daughter who participated every year in choir and in drama. They do not get much support from the administration, except for Mrs. Pegram. There definitely need to be more support of choir and drama. Dance is okay and teacher is good, but recitals are way too long. I don't know anything about the visual arts,but have seen some wonderful artwork done by the students. Academically the school is good, except for foreign languages, especially Spanish.

Submitted by a parent

May 20, 2007

Arts programs as best in the state. Marching Band requires hours and hours of work but they have an excellent show. In competitions Orchestra and Symphonic band have straight 1 and all A. Drama production of Oklahoma was as good as any professional I've ever seen. Chorus, Dance and Visual Arts are also tops.All because of excellent, dedicated teachers.

Submitted by a parent

September 19, 2006

My child has gone to Mt. Tabor for 3 yrs now and we are pleased in his academics and teachers. All have been cooperative and when needed, all have responded in a quick and professional manner. They have worked with us in whatever is needed. There is lots of school spirit and enthusiasm. I recommend this school to anyone.

Submitted by a parent

January 10, 2006

Tabor is very competitive academically. Juniors are encouraged by counselors and parents to take many AP's. My daughter is taking 4 AP's and 2 Honors classes and it feels like she is already in college the way she is studying. Students push themselves. Athletics are top notch. You must be a very strong athlete to make any team.

Submitted by a parent

August 2, 2005

Tabor is a great school. I have been going to Tabor since my freshman year. This year I am a senior and the school over all is great. I am one who is not on any sports but I am in DECA and other clubs. Acadimics are a big part of the school but not the biggiest. extracurricular programs are there for people to join. Parent invalment at the school is great. But our principal is not very social to the student we are more close to the vice-pricincipals we are assigned by our last names they know us best. With the new wing just built things have changed alot and I think this year alot more will change. I recommend this school to anyone and fights rarly brake out.

Submitted by a student

December 25, 2004

This school certaintly pulls students from affluent neighborhoods yet has mediocre/poor overall results. Test scores are down and the athletics are not competitive overall, just among selective teams. Not sure how dedicated the principal is since she is not involved with the students and not accessible to parents. Walking through the halls of the school one lacks a sense of school spirit. Teachers do genuienly appear to be caring and concerned about the students. Fights seem all too common and frequent. The extracurricular activities are available but not very well organized. No doubt this school has the potential to excel at least within the district with a more organized approach to quality rather than random statistics which do not reflect on the overall test scores of academics. This school is more of a social appeal rather than the 4 A's it advertises.

Submitted by a parent

June 15, 2004

Appears to provide higher level classes to 'most' students. Prinicpal is not involved (reclusive) with students and supports some programs more than others,no balance. A lot of good teachers committed to their students success. Intimidating student body for 'poor' students. Money/social status are an essential part of this school. Grounds and building are not well kept. Very popular school that surprisingly doesn't seem better than any other.

Submitted by a parent

August 19, 2003

Both my children graduated from Mt. Tabor within the last 4 years. They were both athletes and scholars and were both accepted to UNC Chapel hill.When my son was in the 10th grade he commented that at Mt. Tabor it wasn't 'cool' to be a poor student.They both were involved in the AP courses at Forsyth Tech and entered college with at least one semesters worth of credits. Neither of my children had any adjustment issues with the rigors of college requirements and I attribute a great deal of their academic success to the programs available at Tabor.I recommend the school highly and hope Tabor continues graduating outstanding students.

Submitted by a parent

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